Case Study: New Hire Curriculum – A Blended Program of Workflow Process & Technical Training

 “This program helped my new hires get up to speed quickly and efficiently.  There were live sessions, online learning and applications demos - a bit of everything . The new employees were able to practice skills learned on the job in real time by the end of the first week, and were making placements by the end of the second week. And best of all it was all available right on the desktop – no travel or downtime necessary.”






  • Need to bring new hires up to speed as quickly as possible without impacting production capability of existing recruiters or management

  • Need to create capability of new hires to make placements within the first four weeks of employment

  • Need to create training that was both accessible to a diverse audience repeatable and reusable what was accomplished

  • Need to impact revenue quickly


  • A complete set of process e-learning modules were developed accessible from the desktop

  • The modules contains elements of both process and technical content including demos and embedded job aids

  • The modules were developed in conjunction with in-house subject matter expert's

  • Modules available on the desktop for easy access and remediation

  • New hires closing placements at the rate of 1 to 2 by the end of the first two weeks of employment impacting the generation of revenue very early in the onboarding process

  • Significant improvement in technical knowledge  as demonstrated through improved database integrity 

  • Reduction in turnover and increased commitment to both job and company as shown through post training evaluation

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