Case Study: Management Training for Offshore Recruiting Managers

 “First of all I would like to thank the management for arranging such a kind of training program for managers. It was a great initiative and it will definitely help all the managers in leading their team better and getting maximum output from the team. I would also like to thank Susan for being such a great teacher/mentor/coach. It was very useful.”






  • Need for front-line supervisory training of approx. 50 managers

  • Delivery needed for multiple locations in India, US & Canada simultaneously

  • New set of educational tools recently rolled out

  • Limited time & resources


  • Develop a virtual program to be delivered via web conferencing with web cams

  • Incorporate aspects of pre- and intra session study for increased learning time and value

  • Use actual organizational scenarios incorporated into theoretical management models with role play to increase learning and application to the work environment

  • Allow time between sessions to incorporate learning into actual work situations

  • Record sessions to provide opportunity for follow-up learning


  • The program was cost- effective  and provided optimal learning value

  • Improved management and coaching skills

  • Opportunities for participants to report back to the group on application of learning to work situations

  • Increased knowledge and commitment to organization

  • Improved networking and support for peer workers in remote locations

  • Understanding of organizational tools & resources available and how to effectively implement them in the organization


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