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In addition to the courses listed below, we offer customize programs and ongoing support.


Courses & Offerings

Creating a Learning Organization



This program is for leaders who are interested in developing a learning culture in their organization. This one-day workshop focuses on strategies that work and to avoid when developing an environment of organizational improvement. 

Train the Trainer



This program is for companies and individuals who either do not have formal training departments or want to improve their training skills.  This three-day program will focus on the following:


  • Determining Your Training Needs and How to Conduct a Needs Analysis 

  • Building a Comprehensive Learning Training Programs

  • Presentation Skills and Getting Learner Attention

  • Designing and Developing Effective Learning Modules

  • Developing a Blended Learning Curriculum

  • Working with Off the Shelf Vendors

  • Developing Highly Compelling Learning Materials

  • Transfer of Learning to Work environment/Applying learning to daily Work Tasks

  • Developing Performance Support Tools & Job aids

  • Managing a Training Project


Developing an Online Training Program for Your Organization



This course is for companies and individuals who wish to develop a web-based program that can support a dispersed audience or workforce.


  • Designing & Developing Self-Paced Online Learning

  • Using Technical Tools to Develop Online Learning

  • Conducting Virtual Training & Presenting in the Virtual Classroom 

  • Designing for the Virtual Environment

  • Using Web Conferencing for Training

  • An Overview of Learning Management Systems


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