Self-Sufficient Learning Programs​


We provide you with the tools and education solutions for your company to improve the performance of its employees.  The goal is your company to be a self-sufficient, self-sustaining learning organization.  Our learning programs will teach you how to create an organizational learning environment focused on results. 


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Case Study: Management Training for Offshore Recruiting Managers





Your Company + Renewed Performance = Results

Self-Sustaining Programs



Our learning programs are designed to help you become self-sufficient at producing and delivering your education and organizational interventions in-house. The goal is for you to be able to continue to build upon the foundation set down during the consulting process.

On-going Support


At Performance Innovations, we not only give you the building blocks to create your learning organization, we provide you with the on-going support you need to implement your programs and integrate them into your company's culture.

Continuous Learning


Our philosophy is that learning does not end when a course, program, or module is completed.  It is through the application of the principles and concepts of the education to your environment that gains are made, and improvements in performance realized. 


We believe that employees learn on the job every day and that this learning should be shared and recycled through the company via job aids, performance support tools, online libraries, knowledge bases, and social learning environments.

Innovative Solutions


What is the best way to help improve production? How can I help my new hires become proficient at their jobs as soon as possible? What is the best type of training for the new application we are rolling out next quarter? What is the best way to manage the learning process at our company?  Should we invest in a Learning Management System?


These are the questions that we can help you answer.  At Performance Innovations, we have helped clients wade through difficult hiring decisions, work flow issues, and problems of slow ramp up time. We partner with you to look at new ways of solving performance issues.



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